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About us


BCF International manufactures puzzles, games, packaging materials and rigid cardboard boxes in all types and sizes. Since the establishment of our puzzle factory in 1929, we have acquired a huge amount of specialized knowledge and experience, so that our clients can make optimal use of our expertise. And our clients are our number one priority. We are not satisfied until you are. That is why we always strive to think along with you as much as we can, and provide you with the results you desire.


Why BCF International?


One of the primary reasons to order at BCF International, is that almost everything is produced in-house; from concept development to design, from printing to punching and cutting, from laminating to assembling, from packing to vacuum forming, from breaking puzzles to creating the box. We can even produce the desired synthetic interior. We have all the technical facilities, so why not? For the parts that we can not manufacture ourselves, we have classified suppliers. We take care of everything for you!

Because we are almost entirely self-supporting, we can monitor the quality at all times. This means that you maintain complete control during the entire process.

But it is also beneficial for our flexibility. BCF International ensures a reliable and short delivery time. All of these factors lead to a satisfied client, which is, as you may already know by now, our primary cause.


Production for third parties


During our 80-year history, we have developed into an important manufacturing partner for many clients throughout Europe. BCF people are creative thinkers for various European publishers, which often leads to innovative designs. In addition, our machinery lends itself perfectly for production for third parties. BCF International annually manufactures millions of puzzles, games and gift packages for a large number of European clients. Quality, flexibility and a reliable delivery, combined with competitive prices, are important qualities for every manufacturer. In short, BCF International is your best partner when it comes to production for third parties.

We take care of everything for you!